Infographic: Difference Between BDSM & Abuse


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It’s hump day!


It’s hump day!

Anonymous said: seems like it's been a while sex vixen. tell us a story of yours ;)

short and and quick one.

over the weekend, the bf and i did 69. i think it was an unspoken understanding we didnt wanna gyrate hips cus we danced all day.

i was actually determined to make him cum with my mouth for the first time because he’s pretty hard to please. (or maybe i’ve just lost touched…… nah definitely hard to please lol)

the last time he REALLY licked it good, he fucking stopped because he was scared that i was going to be too loud. (muthafucker, i was JUST ABOUT TO CUM).

i digress. he licked it the way how i like it… slow and gentle. right at the clit. not so much on the flicking. flatten the tongue so i could feel your taste buds tickle it.

i was very close and started to move my hips. i started to moan with his dick in my mouth. and pretty soon, i came all over his mouth. he kept licking and i had to push him away to stop cus of the sensitivity.

we laughed, told him to give me a minute, as i was in a sex bliss.

i asked, ‘how do u wanna come? with my pussy or my mouth?” he whispers back, “with your mouth” and then i immediately engulfed it.

my determination was high. he made me cum first. so i was looking forward to reward him back with a blowjob.  with enough strokes, tongue swirls around his head, and deep throats, i saw his toes curling.

i was getting close, and didnt lose my pace. i could hear him panting and saw his legs squirming. 

then finally, i got my (and his) reward. and swallowed with pride.

we were happy for the night. we didnt need the penetration. cuddled and drifted off to sleep in our naked bodies